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Important 2019-2021 New Vehicle Build Dates

10 years ago, we went through a similar experience, the last model year of the Ford Crown Victoria. Ford did a complete remodel and introduced the Ford PI Sedan (Taurus) and Ford PI Utility (Explorer), but during the remodel Ford did not offer a vehicle, rather, departments had to buy the Dodge Charger or Chevy Tahoe. Well it seems Ford is at it again, they have announced the Ford PI Sedan will be removed from production after the 2019 model year. During this similar time, they will also be doing a complete remodel of the Ford PI Utility and will be released as a 2020 model. This vehicle will be based on the current Lincoln Nautilus and we are told it will have a large price increase but offer a Hybrid model. This new design will most likely mean there will be delays from Equipment manufacturers for fitting old equipment and mounts for the new body style. We have also been told the Chevy Tahoe will have a remodel done in 2021. Below is the timeline for new vehicle ordering and availability as we know today and depending on your needs may affect your replacement schedule.

2018 Model Year Vehicles:

- No additional New orders

9/9/18                  2018 Ford PI Sedan final build

9/9/18                  2018 Ford PI Utility final build


2019 Model Year vehicles:

Ordering Opens                                       Ordering Ends

6/13/18 2019 Ford PI Sedan                     *9/21/18           *(until parts run out, likely August)

6/13/18 2019 Ford PI Utility                     *9/21/18            *(until parts run out, likely August)

7/16/18 2019 Dodge Charger                   (Not yet Available)

N/A 2019 Dodge Durango                        (Not yet Available)

6/16/18 2019 Chevy Tahoe                      (Not yet Available)


Production Starts                                    Production Ends

9/10/18 2019 Ford PI Sedan                    *2/28/19           *(Estimated)

9/10/18 2019 Ford PI Utility                     *2/28/19           *(Estimated)

8/20/18 2019 Dodge Charger                    (Not yet Available)

7/9/18 2019 Chevy Tahoe                         (Not yet Available)


2020 Model Year vehicles:

                               Ford PI Sedan          DISCONTINUED

9/21/18 – 3/1/19      Ford PI Utility           No ordering available for 6 months

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