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Anti-Theft Vehicle Systems

  • safestop.jpg SafeStop Vehicle Anti-Theft System, Ford/Dodge

    Vehicle maintains functionality of all electronic functions including: air-conditioning and heat; surveillance equipment (cameras, radar, etc); radios; lights; sirens; computers, and more without leaving the vehicle vulnerable to theft. The key is the KEY – once activated, anytime the key is removed from the ignition the anti-theft protections are engaged.

    Theft protection prevents the vehicle from driving off as well as, activates the “Gun Lock Secure” and “Trunk Lock Secure” features. The Gun Lock Secure feature prevents access to the weapon rack via the momentary switch when theft protection is activated, there is a built in 8 second delay initially to give officers time to grab a weapon if necessary.

    • The Trunk Lock Secure feature prevents access to trunk contents via the trunk latch release when theft protection is activated
    • Once the system is activated, the anti-theft functions allow the vehicle to remain running even after the ignition key is removed; with the ignition key removed, the shifter is locked
    • Anti-theft functions cannot be overridden by switching the toggle switch to off once the system is activated, system can only be turned off if the ignition key is reinserted
    • Brake Pedal Override option will kill the engine instantly for use with the “Always On Protection”
    • The module connects to the ignition system and offers addition connection for protecting gun racks and trunk contents
    • Extremely low amp draw means that the system can remain activated 24/7 (Always On Protection) without worries of battery drain
    • Available for many vehicles

  • anti vehicle theft chevy  SafeStop Vehicle Anti-Theft System, Chevy
  • tremco.jpg Tremco Anti-Theft System

    There are no keys to lose or codes to forget. Deactivation becomes “second nature” to the officer and after a week or so, they don’t even realize they’re using it. This system is 100% reliable, convenient for the user, simple plug-in installation and inexpensive.

    • Now Police can leave their cruisers running unattended for emergency situations
    • Allows emergency lighting ... computers, radios, heaters, air conditioners, and defrosters to operate while maintaining needed battery current
    • Inexpensive. Fast and easy to use with our patented camouflaged system.
    • Easy installation in less than ten minutes
    • Available for many vehicles

  • secure-idle.jpg Secure-Idle Anti-Theft System

    One Secure-Idle device can prevent unwanted liability suits. Police cruisers are stolen on a daily basis and departments face liability suits that could cost them millions.

    • Completely Hidden Anti-Theft System for all vehicles
    • Keeps your engine running without a key in the ignition
    • Superior, fail-safe STARTER OVERRIDE protection
    • Secure-Idle will NEVER leave you stranded
    • Made in the United States of America
    • Quick & easy installation
    • 1-year total replacement warranty
    • Engineer on-staff to assist in tailoring our product to your application!
    • Available for many vehicles

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