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Law Enforcement

Big Sky Gun Racks


The ELS (Electronic Locking System) Series from Big Sky Racks is designed specifically for law enforcement. The racks are secure, reliable, and available with a variety of mounting options to make them easily accessible.

One-piece steel frame eliminates welds, providing maximum strength and durability.
Padded weapon brackets and felt-lined locks preserve weapon's finish
Brackets and locks are adjustable to achieve proper weapon placement.
Racks include: electric lock, timer, activation switch, trigger or mechanism guard, one set of Roll Bar or Flat Plate brackets, and detailed wiring instructions.
Racks are available with either a High Security Anti-activation Trigger Guard or standard guard.


Visit the Big Sky ELS Features Web Page for more information.

Visit the Big Sky Mounting Options Web Page for more information.

Download the Big Sky product catalog here.
  • ELS210_Image.jpg ELS-210 - Big Sky Gun Rack for Shotguns

    ELS-210 fits: Remington 870 (except Express, Marine Magnum or Wingmaster), Mossberg 500/590 (w/o heat shield or vent rib), H&K FP6, Ithaca M&P, Winchester 1300 Marine & 1300 Defender
    Includes Standard trigger guard. See ELS-240 below for High Security guard.
  • Big_Sky_Shotgun ELS-220 - Big Sky Gun Rack for Shotguns and Assault Rifles
    (Click image for more ELS-220 pictures)

    ELS-220 fits: Rem. 11-87, 870 w/Sure Fire light, Wingmaster, Marine Magnums, Beretta 1200, Benelli Super 90 (w/o pistol grip), Mossberg (w/ heat shield or vent rib), MP5, UMP, AR15, M16A2
  • ELS300Seriess.jpg ELS-300 - Big Sky Gun Rack with Changeable Inserts
    (Click link or picture for larger image)

    Price includes Rack, High Security Trigger Guard and One insert

    Inserts are numbered and color coded by the weapon they hold:
    ELS-310, Brown - lock insert for police model pump action shotguns
    ELS-320, Olive - lock insert for most auto shotguns, Mini-14
    ELS-330, Blue - lock insert for H & K MP-5
    ELS-340, Black - lock insert for Colt AR-15, Ruger Carbine, Benelli Pistol Grip, Rem 870 Pistol Grip
  • Big Sky Gun Racks, Specialty

    Below are racks that fit additional weapons not listed above. Click here for a picture gallery of these racks.

    ELS-240: same as ELS-210 (no pistol grip pumps), includes High Security Trigger Guard
    ELS-250 fits: Ruger carbine .40 cal, 9mm, includes High Security Trigger Guard
    ELS-260 fits: Mini-14, Mini-30 (20 round mag), Marlin Camp 9mm, includes High Security Trigger Guard
    ELS-270 fits: AR15A2, M4, M14, M16A2 (20 round mags), Benelli Nova, Benelli Super 90 w/ pistol grip, and most pistol grip weapons, includes High Security Trigger Guard
    ELS-271 fits: M16A1 (20 round mag)
    ELS-271B fits: Beretta CX4
    ELS-275 fits: AR15 type weapons with attachments incompatible with ELS-220 or ELS-270
    ELS-280: motorcycle saddlebag rack for H&K MP5 w/ retractable buttstock
    ELS-285: motorcycle saddle bag rack for standard pump shotguns with combination of 14" barrel and side-folding stocks
    ELS-290 fits: H&K G36K
  • UCBImage.jpg Undercover Bar, Adjustable Gun Rack Mount
    (Click link or image for a detailed view)

    - A telescoping bar that adjusts to the width of the vehicle
    - Designed to fit all vehicles without partitions and side-curtain airbags
    - Will accomodate all ELS gun racks, single or dual configuration

    (Does not include gun rack)

  • Big_Sky_Gun_Lock Big Sky Gun Lock Assembly
  • ELS300Seriess.jpg Big Sky Gun Lock Inserts

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