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CANTROL WC Light and Siren System

Total Vehicle Integration and Control Create dynamic unified warning by incorporating every light and siren on your cruiser into custom program configurations. Officers keep both hands on the wheel instead of trying to figure out which button to push. Your warning system becomes your strongest ally for safety because you can pre-configure the proper response to any situation before it happens... before timing is critical ...before an emergency or accident requires instantaneous judgment.

Vehicle integration provides added capability to your light and siren package such as: program and control all the lighting, traffic arrows and siren functions in your vehicle, flash pattern synchronization, canine alarm and temperature monitor control, radar and camera activation, door or trunk opening, window down, gun lock, ignition disable and much more.
The abilities of CanTrol® WC are limited only by your imagination...
Configuration is easy with a Windows® based computer program. USB port allows for easy program transfer from your computer to the amplifier/ control module.

  • Program and control all the lighting, traffic arrows and siren functions in your vehicle
  • Inputs for three different style control heads (ordered separately)
  • 161 synchronizable, variable-phase,programmable flash patterns
  • Built-in system shut-down allows system to operate for up to four hours after vehicle is turned off
  • Traffic Advisor™ module for traffic arrows that utilize a 9C cable eliminating the use of a traffic arrow controller
  • Over 45 programmable siren ton
  • Includes PA and radio repeat functions
  • WeCan® lightbar plugs directly into the amplifier/control module and is programmed by the CanTrol software
  • Programmable for Hands-Free operation
  • 5 year warranty


  • CANTROL WC Light and Siren System

    Includes standard amplifier/control module with sixteen 2-1/2 amp outputs, three low current 1/4 amp outputs, and control head of choice. Traffic Advisor™ module, eight total programmable outputs (four 10 amp pos/neg and four 10 amp pos only), an additional thirty-two2-1/2 amp outputs and three Diagnostix™ indicators.

    *Control head included w/CANWC1. (Select one)

    *Option 1: Includes 3-position slide switch, eighteen push-buttons, standard microphone with extension cable.

    *Option 2: Includes a combination hand held microphone and controller, 3-position progressive light/siren control, nine push-buttons.

    *Option 3: Includes a 3 section control head with 8 push-buttons, 4-position slide switch and a 7-position rotary knob. Manual, Airhorn plus 3 Traffic Advisor switches and standard microphone with extension cable.

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