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Vehicle Computer Mounts

Telescoping computer Mounting bases are ideal solutions when space is limited. Pedestal provides a height adjustable, sturdy floor mount that tilts to adjust to the operatorÔøΩs eye line and extends over the operatorÔøΩs lap. The TCB Series of vehicle computer mounts features rotating swivel arms which allow the computer to be positioned toward the driver or passenger side of the vehicle. Bases for the vehicle computer mounts are available for most law enforcement & utility type vehicles. Complete mounting assemblies and choice of tilt/swivel brackets in various heights available.

If you don't see what you need, contact us at 866-320-7277 for more information on vehicle computer mounts.

  • C-3090_P_4-99-W_150 Mounting Platform Only, Universal
  • C-3090-3_P_3-06 (3)-W_150 Laptop Bracket, Swivel and tilt, Adjustable Height
    Part # 3090-3

    • C-3090 platform with C-3075-3 adapter
    • 360 degree Swivel and 85 degree Tilt
    • Low profile
    • Fixed 3.87” height

  • C-3089-3_3DR_9-08 (2)_150 Platform w/ Swivel Only Adapter, Universal
    Part # C-3089-3

    • C-3090 platform with C-3082-1 adapter
    • 360 degree Swivel only (no Tilt)
    • Low profile
    • Fixed 2.12” height

  • C-3090-4_P_4-99-W_150 Platform w/ Tilt/Swivel/Adjustable Height Adapter

    • C-3090 platform with C-3075-4 adapter
    • 360 degree Swivel and 85 degree Tilt with locking knob
    • High profile
    • Adjustable 5.37” - 7.87” height
    • Universal

  • C-3090-7_P_5-08 (1)_150 Platform w/ Low Profile Tilt/Swivel Adapter

    • C-3090 platform with C-3065-3 adapter
    • 360 degree Swivel and 85 degree Tilt
    • Lowest profile tilt/swivel adapter
    • Fixed 2.5” height
    • Universal

  • C-TCB-1_P_4-99-W_150 Telescoping Mount for Computer Bracket, Ford Crown Victoria
    Part # C-TCB-1
  • C-TCB-2_P_12-04 (1)_150 Telescoping Mount for Computer Bracket, Universal Console Side Mount
    Part # C-TCB-2
  • C-TCB-8_P_7-02-W_150 Telescoping Mount for Computer Bracket, Universal Van/Truck floor Mount
    Part # C-TCB-8
  • C-TCB-23_A_04-HUMMER_1-04 (2)-W_150 Telescoping Mount for Computer Bracket, Chevy Pickup/Tahoe '01 - '14
    Part # C-TCB-23
  • C-TCB-21_P_7-02-W_150 Telescoping Mount for Computer Bracket, Dodge Durango '98 - '03
    Part # C-TCB-21
  • C-TCB-5_P_7-02-W_150 Telescoping Mount Ford Expedition, 97-15
  • C-TCB-7_A_04-DUR_6-04 (1)-W_150 Telescoping Mount Universal Telescoping Base
  • 303.jpg 12 Volt Accessory Outlet
    Part # 14.0553
    Sturdy plastic box with chrome accents. Complete with 15 amp automatic re-set circuit breaker and 3-ft of wire for easy installation in auto, boat or camper.
  • Universal Laptop Mount Universal Laptop Tray
    Part # 907-0039
    Universal laptop tray designed to hold 95% of all available laptop computers. Uses side mount fingers to secure the laptop in place. The tray is adjusted to fit the laptop and tightened when properly adjusted.
  • LT5200.jpg Telescoping Laptop Mount
    Part # LT5200
    Telescoping laptop mount with adjustable mount base. Ball bearing detent swivel base allows for 80 degrees swivel to both passenger and driver. Angled, spring loaded telescoping riser lets mount height be adjusted from 6.5" to 10". Riser is secured in position by a heavy duty clamp lever. Includes a built in, quick release sliding tray that extends in four (4) 1.5" incraments. Air bag compatible.

    10-gauge steel base
    Telescoping spring loaded riser
    Min height - 6.5"
    Max height - 10.0"
    Max tray extension - 5.25"
    Tray extension increments - 4

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