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Lightbar Parts

your-choice-for-parts.jpgParr Public Safety Equipment is your source for replacement parts and components. If there is something you’re looking for and cannot find please contact us:

We can research our quality suppliers to help find the part for your needs. In addition to lightbar parts, be sure to check out our other replacement parts options such as bulbs, strobes, flashers, and lenses.


  • MntKt Lightbar Mount Strap Kit Lightbar Strap Kit (w/ out lightbar purchase)
  • Edge_9000_Series_Whelen_Lightbar_Lenskit.jpg Edge 9000 Series Whelen Lightbar Lenskit

    Lenses on your Whelen Edge 9000 bar looking a little used and abused? Bring back some life to your tubes and bulbs with a fresh set of lenses!

    -Basic lens kit includes:
    4 - Full lens sections, 17-3/8"
    2 - Endcaps, with gasket and screws
    4 - Black lens dividers
    2 - Black center lenses, 8-1/2" or 12-1/2", depending upon the length of the bar.

    Click here for more Lens Kits.

  • Endcap, 9M Series Lightbar

    -Endcaps packaged with gasket and 4 torx screws.

    -Available in Amber, Blue, Clear and Red. Green generally available by special order only - call to verify stock.

    · Endcap, 9M Series Lightbars, No Alley
    $65.45 red-addtocart.jpg 
    · Endcap, 9M Series Lightbars, with Alley
    $79.05 red-addtocart.jpg 
  • 9M4S Power Supply, 9M Series Lightbar
    Part # 9M4S

    Click picture for larger image
  • SL6 SL6 - Lightbar Parts - Repl. Power Supply

    -For use with high current 9000 series lightbars.
    -Replaces 2ZSO power supply.

    Click picture for larger image.
  • EB6 EB6 - Repl. Power Supply
    Part # EB6

    -For use with low current 9000 series lightbars.
    -Replaces 2ZFO power supply.

    Click picture for larger image.
  • 9000AB Alley Light Mount Bracket, for 9000 Edge Lightbar
    Part # 07-261411-000
  • SuperAdvantEdgePlusLens_Burst.jpg Super AdvantEdge Plus Lens

    -Available in Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Red

    -Purchased in full sections (17-3/8") or we can cut to your custom length - specify on your order (per inch).

    · Super Advantage Plus Lens, Full Section, 17-3/8"
    $53.55 red-addtocart.jpg 
  • 5000Gasket Endcap Gasket, Super AdvantEdge Plus (5000 Series)
    Part # 38-0261694-00
  • Super AdvantEdge Plus Endcap
    Part # 5000E*

    -Available in Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Red

  • 4000Gasket Endcap Gasket, AdvantEdge Plus (4000 Series)
    Part # 38-0281186-00
  • 9HFIL Filter for Duplex 400 Series Lightheads
    Part # 9HFILA

    -Available in Amber Only
  • Tinnplates Tinnerman Plates
    Part # 02-0342983-00

    -For use with Whelen's MK7EZ mounting feet (slide/twist-in style)
    -Secures to bottom of lightbar and accepts bolt for gutter strap
    -Sold as pair

  • 90lb 90lb Pull Magnet
    For applications such as: Mini Edge, Superstrobe, Mini Sho-Me.
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