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Opioid Overdose Kit Bag

  • overdose kit Opioid Overdose Kit Bag

    Use this durable laminated nylon opioid overdose kit bag for assembling your Naloxone kits! Ample storage for kit supplies and large white print on the exterior, Opioid Overdose Kit, clearly identifies the bag and contents to be used for prevention of opioid drug overdoses.Quick identification of the kit reduces search time and first responders can grab the exact contents necessary to administer treatment.

    To easily identify if the kit has been opened and to provide tamper evidence, a security seal or tag can be inserted into the grommet in the upper left corner and through the bag zipper so the opioid overdose kit bag cannot be opened without breaking the seal or tag.

    First responders, police officers, corrections officers, EMTs and others trained can now have a convenient, clearly marked kit to help save lives with this growing public health problem.

    Narcan (Opioid Overdose) kits are ideal for emergency overdoses.

    Dimensions: 11"W x 6"H Constructed of quality, laminated nylon Opioid Overdose Kit Bag only.

    Supplies are not included.

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