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Crown Vic Driver Side Replacement Seat (foam & upholstery) Basic

Crown Vic Driver Side Replacement Seat (foam & upholstery) Basic

Professional drivers spend long periods of time sitting in their vehicles, which puts them at up to two times greater risk for developing back pain than the general population. For police officers, the issue is compounded by the amount of equipment they wear at all times and the limited space within the vehicle seats. This replacement seat from Global Interior Solutions resolves these and other issues. The kit includes a seat and headrest cover and foam back and bottom, and is compatible with heated and electric seats. More importantly, it does not inhibit side airbag function as it is re-installed in its exact location and functions according to OEM specifications.

• Fits the 2004 - 2011 Crown Vic driver side seat only
• Extends the life of your fleet while improving officer safety and comfort
• Seat foam sculpted to minimize gun deflection and ride up
• Back foam sculpted for duty belt allowances
• YES Essentials® seat cover fabric is stain resistant, breathable and reduces static

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