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Push Bumpers

PB47UINT13.jpgParr Public Safety Equipment has a large assortment of push bumpers to choose from. Many of the push bumpers require special shipping because of their size and weight. Special shipping requirements are noted on each push bumper.

  • setina-lighted-push-bumper-2.jpg SETINA Lighted Push Bumper, 2 Standard LEDs

    Lighted push bumpers add to your front end lighting coverage with LED warning lights that are integrated into the push bumper.
    • Side mounted LEDs increase intersection visibility, front facing LEDs provide secondary warning for pursuits
    • Completely factory pre-assembled and wired for quick, easy installation
    • Available in steel or high-strength, aircraft grade aluminum that is 40% lighter for better fuel economy and front end weight limitations
    • Standard LEDs available in your choice of either SoundOff Predator II, XP63, or Whelen LINZ6, Larger LEDs available in either Federal Signal Impaxx, Viper EXT, or Whelen TIR6
    • 2 Light model has front facing LEDs only, 4 light model has 2 front and 2 side

  • push bumper Lighted Push Bumper, 4 Standard LEDs
  • pro-gard-lighted-push-bumpers-2.jpg Pro-Gard Lighted Push Bumpers

    Pro-gard’s steel push bumpers offer superior design and easy installation. Most push bumpers are installed with patented no holes drilled no trim cut installation and include a platform for auxiliary light and speaker mounting. The powder coated finish will keep the push bumper as new looking as the day it was installed.
    • Available in Sedan or SUV versions
    • Sedan style features 2 ION LED’s; SUV version features either 2 ION or 4ION LED’s
    • Choose from light patterns: All Red, Blue or 1/2 Red/1/2 Blue With Integrated Dominator® Lightbar
    • Available in Sedan or SUV versions
    • Sedan style features a 6 LED Dominator Lightbar, SUV version features an 8 LED Dominator Lightbar
    • Choose from light patterns: All Red, Blue or 1/2 Red / 1/2 Blue

    Select Vehicle & Color Options
  • chevy push bumper Pro-gard Push Bumper for Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, '07-'14
    Part # PB57T11
  • chevy push bumper Pro-Gard Push Bumpers Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, 2015
  • ford interceptor SUV Pro-Gard Push Bumpers Ford Interceptor SUV, '13-'15
  • ford interceptor SUV Pro-Gard Push Bumpers, Ford Interceptor SUV, 2016
  • Pro-Gard Push Bumpers Ford Interceptor Sedan, '13-'16
  • dodge charger 11-14 Pro-gard Push Bumper Dodge Charger, '11-'14
    Part # PB56C11
  • dodge charger 2015 push bumper Pro-Gard Push Bumper, Dodge Charger, 2015
  • chevy impala no lights Pro-gard Push Bumper for '06 - '15 Chevy Impala
    Part # PB52I06

    **Police Package ONLY

    -No photo available

  • PB100 PB100 - Setina Push Bumper

    Available in 12" and 16" Models
    Rugged one-piece main structure loop made of 3/8" x 2-1/2" aluminum (or steel)
    Optional replaceable mar-resistant hard rubber push pads available (additional charge)
    1/4" x 2 1/2" Steel Mounting Brackets
    2" x 3" High-Strength Cross Support System
    Black Powder-Coated Finish
  • PB300 PB300 - Setina Deluxe Push Bumper

    Rugged high strength 3/16" sluminum plate main structure
    2-1/2" x 1-3/4" Oval extruded aluminum upper cross support
    3/16" Aluminum lower cross support brace
    Replaceable 1-1/4" x 1-3/4" mar-resistant hard rubber horizontal and vertical push pads

    -Specify Vehicle at checkout

    **Due to the weight and dimensions of this item, additional freight charges apply.

    · PB300 for Car

    · PB300 for SUV

  • PB400.jpg PB400 - Setina Deluxe Push Bumper

    Heavy duty one-piece construction
    Available in lightweight aircraft grade aluminum or steel
    Available with optional mar-resistant rubber push pads (additional charge).
    Does not interfere with SRS (Airbag) systems

    -Specify Vehicle at checkout

    **Due to the weight and dimensions of this item, additional freight charges apply.
    · PB400 for Car
    Select Metal Type & Pads

    · PB400 for SUV
    Select Metal Type and Pads.

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