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Whelen Replacement Snap-In Bulbs

If you do not see the bulb you need, please refer to the Whelen Bulb Guide PDF.
  • H20SN12.jpg H20SN12 Snap-In 20 Watt Bulb (Green DOT)
    20 Watt (Green DOT), TA836 Series, TA870A Series, TA837 Series, TA1652H Series, TA1654H Series, BLTA, 97 Edge Bar Series/All Dual Halogen Models, SSNF Series halogen Lightheads
  • h27sn12.jpg H27SN12 Snap-In 27 Watt bulb (Red Dot)
    27 Watt (Red Dot) - Applications: Takedowns for 9000 Lightbars 508 Series, 64 Back Series, 810 Series, 830 Scenelight, AdvantEdge+Plus & Super AdvantEdge+Plus Lightbars, Towman's Lightbars, Edge+Plus, B-Link Bar full size Halogen Modules, Dash-Miser Halogen Modules
  • H35SN12.jpg H35SN12 35 Watt Snap-In Bulb (White Dot)
    35 Watt (White Dot), 4000 Motor/Reflector Assembly/Brushless, 52 Series, DOT3 systems, Edge California Steady Burn, RDX Series
  • h35hsn12.jpg H35HSN12 35 Watt, Horizontal Filament (gold Dot)
    35 Watt, Horizontal Filament (Gold Dot), GH Series, 64 Series, 73 Series, 97 Scenelight, 5000 Super Advantedge+Plus
  • h50sn12.jpg H50SN12 50 Watt Snap-In Horizontal Filament (Blue Dot)
    50 Watt, Horizontal Filament (Blue Dot), 97 Series Scenelight, 9E Series, 7E Series (Flashing Only) (Formerly ARSASN12)
  • H50ASN12.jpg H50ASN12 50 Watt, Halogen Bulb for RB6P, RB6D, B6R and Centurion™ Lightbars
  • h60sn12.jpg H60SN12 60 Watt, 7E Series, 9E Series
  • STOPSN12.jpg STOPSN12 Brake/Tail/Turn, DOT3 Systems (Incandescent Globe Style)
  • h35dsn12.jpg H35DSN12 35 Watt Halogen Dual Filament for Interior Light Only
    35 Watt Halogen Dual Filament for Interior Light Only, 12 volt, Snap-in, Bulb Only.

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