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Lighting Tech Glossary

Conformal Coating
A thin material that conforms to the contours of the PCB to protect the electronic components from harsh environments and impact.

Two color interleaved

Two color interleaved with independent control of color one and color two
Two level technology

Lightheads are fully encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance.

A Hard-Coating process counteracts the effects of environmental and chemical damages to our lenses and domes.

(Super-LED) Whelen’s patented use of Generation 3.5 diodes and unique reflector optics to produce highly intense light that has superior wide-angle visibility and rivals strobe in performance.

Low Current
Low current function wires require less than ¼ an amp to operate, allowing for simple operation of each lightbar function.

Proclera® Silicone Optics
Whelen’s innovative and efficient solution to distorted optical shape and fringe lighting. Proclera Optics feature 100% internal silicone optic technology, an increased ability to harness LED output and better direct and focus light, and a full-fill Square TIR optic to increase optic efficiency compared to a conventional circular TIR.

Solid-state “rotating” technology, simulating the appearance of a rotating beacon without any moving parts or motors for long-life reliability. Scan-Lock™ Whelen’s advanced method of changing a products flash pattern.

Utilizes an external wire to allow the user to cycle through the entire range of flash patterns, allowing for full customization. Scan-Lock+ The Scan-Lock+ app is the simplest way to change Whelen flash patterns. Designed for optimal convenience,
Features an easy to use interface and utilizes a Bluetooth connection. Download the Scan-Lock+ app and browse, test, and assign Whelen flash patterns right from your phone.

Single color

Two color lighthead where each color fills half of the reflector

Whelen’s distinctive use of self-contained electronics to power and flash a particular LED product. These products require no external flasher, ballast, or power supply to operate.

Standard Current
Lightbar functions are wired directly to the switching device and require switches that are matched to the current draw of the desired functions to be activated.

Whelen’s innovative LED technology

Sync provides the ability to connect multiple Whelen devices to flash together or in alternating patterns. Products with this capability allow the user to create coordinating flashing schemes.

(Super-LED) Whelen’s optimized use of Generation 3.5 diodes and unique optics to produce highly intense light that is somewhat directional in nature.

Three color interleaved with independent control of color one, color two, and color three.

Engineered for optimal accessibility, WeCad lightbar designer delivers the ability to design custom Whelen lightbars with every available option. Adding R65 complaint options is simple, and a bill of materials will be generated to make ordering fast and easy.

Whelen’s proprietary CAN based communication system